Benjamin’s Reproduction in Web Design and the Watcom

Today’s presentation on Livestream and the Watcom was very engaging. I saw several parallels to the theory of authenticity which I had discussed. Walter Benjamin makes very relevant points in discussing reproduction…

Walter Bejamin discusses the issue of authenticity within reproduction technologies. “Authenticity” can be easily reproduced and sold. The meaning of the original work changes after its reproduction, as its value comes not from the uniqueness of the image as one of a kind, but rather from its status as being the original of many copies. Unique may now mean unusual in concept over one of a kind.

Digital items essentially have no original. Copies become hierarchally equal. Benjamin’s main points remain valid: i. thre reproduction of a singular image has an effect on the meaning and value of that original image, and ii. the mechanical reproducibility of images changes their relationship to rituals and meaning.


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