Hacking Is Creating a New Sense of Space

As we discussed in class, there is white collar and black collar hacking, but the truth is, both remediate space.  As we have brought up in previous classes, with the turn of the digital age, our sense of space is changing, as it is now mobile instead of fixed to one location.  With hacking where it is online, it recreates our space both literally, depending where we are plugged in, as well as changing our social group (who is commenting, encouraging the online activism) and how we interact, as well as changing our sense of place of what we are trying to overtake.  For example the infamous hacking group Anonymous changed cyber space so safer place when they went and gave the government web addresses to child pornography sites, actually making not only the web a safer place, but by those people going to jail making the physical world a safer place for our children and ourselves).  If this hacking is not online, but is hacking physical places such as old abandoned governement buildings that we looked at in class, it changes how we see the city, and by bringing those things online to share to a greater audience, it leaves others sense of space of the city as well as encouraging an online community, and making people think deeper about what they have a right to know, and how they can be activists in this way.


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  1. Hacking is a very interesting subject to approach in terms of space, especially the more traditional view of communal space. The stereotypical view of the hacker is someone who spends all their time in front of a computer, and rarely if ever interacts with the outside world. But dare2dream14 raises how this view can be productively challenged–if hacking is about finding exploits in the system to make things easier, it’s applicable to a lot more than sitting in front of a computer screen.

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