Social Media and Internet Fame

In today’s technological world, it’s a lot easier to get noticed and gain a following due to the internet and social media. The main example of this concept would be YouTube. On YouTube, people are always uploading their videos in hopes of gaining recognition and fame through the internet. The way that this happens is through the spreading of the videos with the use of social media. Literally overnight, a simple YouTube video can go from hundreds or thousands of views to millions of views if promoted through the right blogs and other social media websites. One of these examples is a spoken word poet turned rapper named George Watsky. Looking at his upload history on YouTube, he has uploaded several spoken word videos before he tried uploading his first rap video. In an interview he talks about how he was nervous at first about posting it, but then decided he might as well. As soon as he posted it, he told all of his friends to try to spread the word about it and get some people to watch it. It got noticed by a few large websites, such as (whom he goes on to credit in one of his later songs) and it instantly went viral. He said a few days later he had friends that he had on Facebook that he barely knew, and who didn’t know it was him, linking it to their profiles telling their friends to check it out. The video now has over 14 million views, and Watsky has gained a lot of fame and popularity as a rapper. The video not only got him a lot of views, it is pretty much the sole reason his rap career is doing so well. Through his YouTube fame he has been able to collaborate with other popular musicians and release a lot more music.

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  1. spennyy presents a good example of the broadcasting power of digital media and Youtube, and social networks in general. Through these connections, George Watsky received a level of attention that would have taken much, much longer otherwise. In the past, his options would have been to ascend a very unforgiving hierarchy, doing performances in small venues and hoping to attract record producers. Now, you can seek digital fame, and build up a much larger audience through self-publishing—though, in general, you still need the support of others to accomplish the actual monetizing step.

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