Facebook: Anti-social or hyper-social?

Does Facebook really make us more anti-social in the real world? I think in some ways yes, we lose connections to everyday, real time-interaction. But, at the same time, I think that now we have this constant social media source, a lot of us cannot bear to have a lack of interaction. Whether in the real world, or online, a lot of us need to constantly be in touch with everyone else. We cannot be alone, because we have learned that we do not have to be. If ever there are a few moments peace, we pick up our phones and text a friend, or call a buddy while we are doing some menial chore. I don’t feel addicted to my computer or my phone, but even I would say it is an odd day that I wouldn’t use either, and I enjoy being able to chat with my friends when I am doing nothing else. When you think that twenty years ago, this technology wasn’t available, people must have generally spent a whole lot more time being by themselves. And they must have been more comfortable with it, because it was a reality of their lives. Now we have these many new forms of social media, I don’t think we have become anti-social, but hyper-social instead.


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  1. Indeed, it’s easier than ever to see Hayles’ notion of the posthuman in place; while it’s still possible to conceive of a more fully independent human, separate from social networks and technology, the difficulty of achieving it to the same degree is much, much higher.


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