Stelarc; Science or Art?

In our discussion about Stelarc’s post-humanism and tremendously unique acts the question of whether Stelarc’s feats were that of science or art.  The dictionary defines art as “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination” and/or “works produced by such skill and imagination”, and science as “the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural”.  From these definitions we can see that Stelarc’s display are truly art and science.  It is an expression of self with much creative skill and imagination, as well as being an intellectual and practical activity which deals with the structure and behavior of the physical and natural.  An example of this would be the video of Stelarc putting an ear in his arm and us being able to hear what other people are saying through his teeth.  This indeed may be a foreign concept to us, but is that not what all science and art wants to do: discover the unthinkable and make a statement which will change our way of thinking/living? If post-humanism is man moving further into the technological realm and becoming a cyborg, Stelarc displays this brilliantly. If therefore art and science can act as some of the foundations of post-humanism as shown with Stelarc, what implications do you think this will have for art and science as separate entities? If we keep transending our humanity in pursuit of such things, what would be the positive impacts and negative repercussions of such an act? These are all very crucial and interesting points to look more into.


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