Planking and Seinfeld – “Are you still a master of your own Domain?”

By examining the relationship between digital media and real space, as a community we may identify that digital media has integrated into our social sphere and makes itself into a seamless part of our everyday lives. In the case of Chang and Goodman’s article about “Concrete Games” we have three requirements when it comes to playing their game…the same can be said about another more recent game that involves a place, a person and a digital element – planking. When planking, one must take a specific pose, on top of a particular object and/or in a particular place. To make it “digital” it should be recorded, either through video or photography and then uploaded for public viewing.

Also, included is a link to an episode of Seinfeld, where George obtains an arcade version of “Frogger” and plays it in an urban environment. It’s a nice twist and takes a more literal meaning when it comes to expanding digital games into the physical world.

Sorry for the Quality… :p


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