Brave New Whirl

Welcome to the ENGL 293 Introduction to Digital Media Studies Blog.  Please register as an author to the blog and email me your user name.

For each topic we study in class, students are responsible for one post and one response to the course blog.  The blog post must engage directly with a topic, and it must contain the following features: a link to the video/webspace/blog/comic (where applicable), must include a minimum 100 words, and the post must be original (you cannot use an artifact more than once).  The post should be critical and not descriptive, for example, a remediation critique of the “the man you’re man could smell like” commercials.  The response to another student post should also be critical in nature.  The post is due before the presentation class on that topic and the response by the following Sunday.  Marks are awarded on a completion basis based on a effort and quality.  Blog posts begin week 2 and continue until the final topic for a total of nine posts.  Discussions posted on the blog may be cited in essays.  Students must email the instructor their blog user name by the end of week 1.

Make sure to click on the category that best suits your post.


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